Analysis of anti concave stiffness of bonnet based

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Analysis of anti concave stiffness of bonnet based on ABAQUS

anti concave property is one of the important indexes reflecting the performance of automobile outer plate. Based on the dent resistance theory and ABAQUS software, this paper uses its implicit algorithm to simulate and analyze the dent resistance of the bonnet of a certain vehicle model, considering the 1F linearity of material, geometry and boundary. The quality of automobile hood is often caused by J: low strength. Through the analysis and evaluation of the sunken resistance of the bonnet, the general guiding significance is provided for the structural design of the bonnet

anti dent refers to the ability of the body outer panel cover to resist dent bending and local dent deformation and maintain its shape when bearing external loads. The anti concave part of the automobile body outer panel has always been an important standard for many users to buy new cars, which directly affects the appearance quality of the vehicle, such as artificial touch pressing, static load, vibration in the process of traveling, falling branches of the left-hand adjustment dial, gravel impact dynamic load, etc. These loads often make the shape of the panel sunken and deflected, and even produce local permanent deformation. The quality problems of the automobile hood are often caused by the low strength of the top cover. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the anti sunken parts of the body outer panel. Chongqing feng shui master

based on ABAQUS software, this paper uses the implicit arc length calculation, considering the material and several Li. And the nonlinearity of the boundary, the anti concave part of the top cover of a vehicle is simulated and analyzed, and the displacement nephogram and load curve of the top cover are obtained, which provides a reference for the early design of the vehicle development

finite element model

bonnet model

bonnet model should include the main bearing parts of the bonnet. The model is shown in Figure L. There are 48819 units in total

1. Check whether the power supply of the tensile testing machine is powered on before online

indenter model

in the past research, the design of indenters (bumps) varies greatly, and the shape, size and material are not separated by air gap. The small panel control system of elastic and rigid indenters has not achieved the expected application effect, and it also has spherical, hemispherical and conical heads, and the size (diameter) ranges from 12.5mm to 101.6mm '51. In this paper, an indenter with a radius of 70mm, a thickness of 5mm and a material of copper is used. The shape is shown in Figure 2

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