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Analysis on the current situation of the development of China's hardware and electromechanical industry

China actively develops the manufacturing industry, vigorously develops new industries, adjusts the industrial structure, changes the development mode, saves energy and reduces emissions, and pays attention to people's livelihood. The analysis on the development status of China's hardware and electromechanical industry was compiled and released by the transaction of China's electromechanical products. In the form of global economic integration, the global economic crisis has not yet completely dissipated, the economy of developed countries is slowly recovering, the global economy is contracting and expanding at the same time, the global economic development is unbalanced, and there are many complex factors. Due to the competition for resources, the rise and fall of the capital market have had an impact on the global economy, China's economy is developing at a high speed, surpassing that of Japan, equivalent to one third of that of the United States. After the 12th Five Year Plan, China's economy will reach one half of that of the United States. China is actively developing manufacturing industry, vigorously developing new industries, adjusting industrial structure, changing development mode, saving energy and reducing emissions, and paying attention to people's livelihood

background of International Industrial Development: first, the world economy will maintain growth and the global industrial structure will accelerate its development. First, the international transfer of manufacturing industry will continue; 2、 Outsourcing of the service industry is booming, and there is a global phenomenon of the problems that are out of the touch with the transaction, logistics, settlement and other links; 3、 The trend of R & D globalization and localization is obvious, and the international transfer of high-tech industries is accelerating; 4、 The chain transfer behind is obvious, and the enterprise ecological environment is more important; 5、 The United States in North America, Germany in Europe, Japan in Asia and Taiwan, China have improved the production level of the hardware industry. The application of computer technology has greatly improved the performance of hardware products; 6、 The whole industry is still small, scattered, weak and low. The so-called small refers to the small scale of the industry; The so-called "scattering" means a large number of enterprises, repeated construction, and product OEM, resulting in serious homogeneous competition; The so-called weak, weak strength, weak capital management, lack of management and technical personnel; The so-called low, low added value and grade of products, lack of connotation

with the continuous improvement of China's position in the world, more and more countries in the world begin to use China's hardware and electromechanical products, which has stimulated the development of China's hardware products to a certain extent. It is not allowed to adjust or touch fixtures and experimental samples by hand in the work of tensile testing machine. As one of the largest hardware producers in the world, and gradually becoming a major hardware processing and export country in the world, China has a broad market and consumption potential. With the development of social economy, the stainless steel hardware industry will also present a new trend under the new situation

development trend of China's hardware and electromechanical industry 1. China's position as a global hardware manufacturing center will be further consolidated; 2、 The capital operation in the industry tends to be active, and the cooperation between enterprises will be significantly strengthened; 3、 The polarization of enterprises will further intensify; 4、 The sales channels have changed dramatically, and the channel competition has become increasingly fierce; 5、 Market competition will change from competition to high-quality, high-content value-added competition to improve services; 6、 The integration of domestic and foreign enterprises will be further accelerated

after more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's hardware and electromechanical professional market has developed rapidly. In my opinion, China's hardware and electromechanical professional market has actually experienced two development stages. Generally speaking, the development is balanced; Market brand building and brand market building are the future goals. I also hope Wanxing will become a unique market in the near future. In short, the trend is: 1. Large scale; 2、 Specialization trend; 3、 Characteristic trend; 4、 Standardization trend; 5、 Functionalization trend; 6、 Modernization trend; 7、 Outward trend; 8、 Rationalization trend; 9、 Double click it to install the professional trend; 10、 Structured trends

the ability of the market to continuously and effectively regulate resources, and the key ability of the market's many abilities. Specifically, first, it has made outstanding contributions to the merchants in the market; 2、 Competitors are difficult to imitate and cannot be copied; 3、 Strong adaptability and cohesion; 4、 The diversity of functions and high passenger flow. To sum up, Wanxing market is expected to integrate resources as soon as possible through orthodox planning, guidance of industry associations and guidance of brand market, so as to improve the status of enterprises in Qingdao, Jiaodong and even the whole Shandong Province. This is our common core value

the analysis of the development status of China's hardware and electromechanical industry is compiled and released by China's electromechanical products trading. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source of the article. For more industry information, please click attention: electromechanical industry

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