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Analysis on the current market situation and development trend of LED display screen industry

in recent years, with the further release of the market, the whole ABS, as and PMMA mixed together to make high-light absled display screen industry has begun to regain vitality, and the market competition is intensifying. However, in contrast, more and more enterprises have entered the LED display screen industry, "dark horses" and "troublemakers" have come in one after another. With the overall increase in the number of competitions, it is more difficult to occupy a place in the LED display industry and become a leader if necessary

in recent years, the steps of industrial transformation and upgrading have been accelerating. However, the threshold for entering the LED display industry has not been raised year-on-year, which has also led to the current industrial situation: on the one hand, there are an increasing number of small and medium-sized screen enterprises with good and evil people; On the other hand, the threshold of building a well-known brand in the industry is getting higher and higher; As we all know, the LED display industry has not had a well-known brand with non industry background for a long time

this situation also makes the practitioners of multi LED display screen fall into a development puzzle: is it because the market is getting better and better that many industry recruits and veterans will enter the industry again? Or is it because the market is becoming more and more difficult that a new brand from 0 to 1 has not risen strongly for so long

in recent years, many LED display manufacturers are busy with transformation, upgrading and transformation, but ignore the most important internal variable of industrial transformation: that is, the current entry threshold is becoming simpler and simpler. Even some workshop enterprises relying on "imitation" and "imitation" and some pure trade enterprises can easily enter the LED display industry in a short time, and their vitality is often very "tenacious". Their existence makes the complex industrial competition environment more difficult and changeable

more and more LED display manufacturers gradually find that it seems very simple to promote a product in the market. As long as the price is favorable enough, buyers can always be found. For example, a large number of imitation screen companies rely on low prices to survive in the low-end market. However, as the market enters a new round of consumption upgrading, these screen enterprises will face increasing pressure. If they do not take the initiative to change, waiting for them will eventually be a "dead end"

these screen companies are just "troublemakers" of the industry. Many of them are thinking of "making a profit" and leaving, rather than really thinking of long-term development and layout in the LED display market. In fact, after careful reflection, we will find that the invisible threshold of the LED display industry is getting higher and higher. In particular, it is very difficult to enter the main market and occupy a certain share of the high-end market and become a mainstream brand. The requirements of product innovation, after-sales service ability, patent strength and other aspects are constantly improving

however, it is also an indisputable fact that there are a lot of miscellaneous brands and workshop enterprises swarming to the market. They rely on imitation and plagiarism, and then make a profit from the dividends of some market segments. The reason is that the current LED display screen industry in China is not mature enough and the market mechanism is not perfect enough. At present, the industry and users are in a changing channel of gradually maturing, gradually pursuing brand and quality, and paying attention to products, services and technology. Of course, it still needs a long process. Even so, the top of each pair of clips in the industry is printed with arc radius numbers for selection, and the angles are still those industry brands with technology, products, brands and channels

however, just as "when water is clean, there is no fish", the existence of troublemakers can make the traditional brands in the industry reflect more, make the "regular forces" in the industry more competitive, and better promote innovation and progress

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