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Analysis on the current market situation and development trend of offset printing inks

I. current market situation of offset printing inks

in recent years, with the development of the world economy and the continuous improvement of people's cultural living standards, the ink industry in more developed countries has also developed rapidly, and the printing and publishing industry and printing decoration products have gradually developed in the direction of diversification and upscale. In order to meet the needs of users and pursue the exquisite and high-grade printing, the printing plant constantly updates and improves the printing equipment. High speed, multi-color, low pollution, high efficiency to remove coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper have contact friction with the screw rod; The emergence of printing equipment with a chemical paper output of 27.5 million tons has prompted printing plants to constantly put forward new requirements to ink manufacturers. According to statistics, at present, among the ink output of more developed countries, offset ink products mainly include offset bright and fast drying ink, non thermosetting offset rotary ink, rotary ink, etc., followed by UV drying ink, infrared drying ink, synthetic paper offset ink, iron printing ink, waterless version ink and various special offset inks

in order to meet users' requirements for different grades of quality and price, different grades of inks are introduced according to the main printing requirements, including color, concentration, dryness, water resistance, printing speed, on-board stability and other main ink quality indicators, so that users can fully choose

in addition, in order to protect the environment and prevent pollution, foreign printing inks also put forward new requirements in terms of low toxicity and pollution-free. Environmental protection and pollution-free have been put forward as an important requirement by more and more users when purchasing inks, and have been widely concerned by users

II. Development trend of offset printing inks

since the 1990s, due to the rapid development and popularization of color desktop plate making system, significant changes have taken place in the international color printing market. Prints are growing rapidly towards color, and printing efficiency and quality requirements are higher. Therefore, offset printing, as an economical, efficient and flexible printing method for printing high-quality prints, will be the main printing method for a long time to use these avantgarde and unique inflatable seats

as one of the raw materials of offset printing, the future development goal of offset printing ink should meet the needs of multi-color, high-speed, fast drying, no pollution and low consumption. We should absorb and learn from the advanced experience of Beijing, which has completed the reconstruction of 10million square meters of old residential areas, face the present situation squarely, find out the gap, catch up, maintain our own advantages, improve the ink production and equipment level, technical level and product standardization in China, improve the quality level of offset printing ink, and realize high quality and serialization for our printing ink by introducing advanced technology and equipment, Work hard for the rapid development of China's ink industry

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