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Analysis on the competitive situation of exterior wall coatings in the decorative materials market

competitor analysis:

exterior wall brick is a high-energy consumption product, which wastes a lot of land resources and consumes a lot of energy in the production process, which is not in line with the development direction of environmental protection and energy conservation, and the country generally restricts its use; In use, the single color of the face brick is not conducive to the improvement of the urban beautification function. What is more serious is that the adhesive between the face brick and the wall will age over a long period of time, which has potential safety hazards such as damage and easy injury, and increases the self weight of the wall, which not only seriously affects the city appearance, but also is very difficult to repair

the use of glass curtain wall is limited due to light pollution and high cost

the cost of granite is high, and it is difficult to install in a large area except at the bottom of some buildings

disadvantages of exterior wall coating:

insiders believe that the fading phenomenon of exterior wall coating still worries many users, which is a fatal weakness of exterior wall coating. The color of ordinary exterior wall coating is generally kept within 10 years, and the exterior wall brick can reach 20 years. In order to ensure that the exterior wall coating has a relatively good resistance to the sun, there must be very strict requirements in the construction

the most important thing is the quality of exterior wall coating, but the use of high-grade exterior wall coating is unacceptable to some projects in terms of price

advantages of exterior wall coating:

beautiful, safe, low consumption, light weight, low cost and easy to update

exterior wall coatings have obvious advantages in environmental protection, production, decoration, construction, building protection, safety, economic expenditure, etc. for example, exterior wall coatings do not have the problems of light pollution and heat pollution, and the aged paint film can be degraded by the environment. In addition, the exterior wall coating does not consume non renewable resources such as soil and coal

the exterior wall coating is more flexible than the exterior wall brick in terms of production, has almost no limit on the output, and can ensure the consistency of products. You can choose any color, and can also develop products according to the special requirements of customers for product performance. This flexibility makes the designer's design have a broader space, the use of color is almost unlimited, and can be modified at any time

the construction of the coating is simple and convenient, and has a good protective effect on the building

according to experts, according to the current domestic practice of exterior wall decoration, mosaic is more than 6kg per square meter, while strip brick, face brick and marble are heavier, while paint is less than 1.5kg per square meter. Paint decoration can effectively reduce the load of buildings; The seamless decoration of coating can not only more effectively resist the external damage to the wall, but also repair the defects of the wall itself, such as cracking and other unavoidable problems; In terms of cost, the cost of decoration with high-grade exterior wall paint is similar to that of mosaic. This is also an important reason for the rising of 1105 ⑵ 000 oil source in ASTM E hydraulic universal test, a field measurement method for water tightness of exterior wall coatings under the action of uniform or periodic static air pressure difference in recent years

development trend of exterior wall coating:

in terms of the world coating market, the annual growth rate of exterior wall coating is 7%, much higher than the average growth rate of 5% in the coating industry. In addition, from a regional perspective, exterior wall coatings are widely used not only in Europe, America, Japan and other developed pressure testing machine test results, but also in Thailand, which has accounted for 50% of the total decoration market

at present, the annual growth rate of China's mainland market is about 15%. The use of exterior wall paint for building decoration has also been accepted by more and more places. The local governments in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places have more clearly stipulated that high-rise buildings must be decorated with exterior wall paint

in terms of varieties of exterior wall coatings, high-tech functional emulsion paints such as high elastic emulsion paint to prevent and make up wall cracks, silicon acrylic paint with excellent hydrophobic and pollution resistance, and fluorocarbon paint with high weather resistance have been growing rapidly in China recently

expert opinion:

I. develop high-performance exterior wall coatings with high weatherability, stain resistance and color retention performance. It is necessary to improve the weatherability and stain resistance of water-based emulsion paint and improve the performance of solvent based exterior wall coatings

II. Due to cement shrinkage or improper construction, cracks, water seepage, water leakage and other phenomena will occur in the external wall of the building. This problem has aroused widespread concern in the society. Now, it is necessary to develop elastic waterproof wall coating products integrating decoration, crack prevention, waterproof and other functions

III. pay close attention to the standardized construction of coating to ensure the effect of coating on the wall

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