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Huawei: trend analysis of video conference construction in China's insurance industry

1 The current situation of video conference construction in China's insurance industry

China's insurance industry implements the system of separate operation of insurance types, and a single legal entity can only operate one business of life insurance, property insurance and reinsurance. The main body of the insurance industry consists of life insurance companies, property insurance companies, reinsurance companies, insurance intermediaries and insurance asset management companies. China Life Insurance, PICC and Ping An are insurance groups composed of corresponding life insurance, property insurance and other legal entities, of which life insurance accounts for the main part of insurance business, and Chinese insurers are also the main body of Chinese insurance institutions. Currently, there are three major trends in China's insurance industry policies, namely, accelerating the development of the insurance industry, strengthening the strict supervision of the insurance industry, and deepening the cooperation between insurance, banking and securities

at this stage, the construction of video conference in China's insurance industry is still dominated by hardware video conference, such as Ping An of China. There are two main deployment modes:

1) distributed deployment and centralized management according to the organizational structure

2) centralized deployment by the headquarters, and all branches are connected to the headquarters

the construction of video conference system in China's insurance industry also adopts the integrated conference mode combined with unified communication. For example, the deployment mode of PICC is mainly to build a hardware video conference system at the headquarters and the first level branches, while the lower level branches use unified communication terminals to join the club

at this stage, insurance companies mainly use video conferencing for employee training, marketing meetings and management meetings, which can significantly save training expenses, travel and conference expenses, and significantly improve communication efficiency. The trainers hired with a large amount of money will give a lecture at the headquarters. Business elites scattered in other cities can simultaneously identify, study and listen to new and recycled plastics, and conduct classroom discussions through interactive videos, electronic whiteboards and other functions. For example, a newly introduced insurance type needs product training, which can also be transmitted to salespeople directly and with high fidelity at the first time. The headquarters of the company can also hold local branch meetings at any time to summarize and report the sales performance, and conduct objective assessment and management

2. Demand and trend of video conference construction in China's insurance industry

2015 is an important year to basically build a modern insurance service industry that meets the needs of China's economic and social development, and to transform from a large insurance country to a strong insurance country. It is also a key year to start the development of the insurance industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The promulgation of several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of modern insurance service industry this year has made China's insurance industry obtain huge policy dividends. The opinions of the industry, known as the ten new national insurance articles, are very accurate in the positioning of insurance. As an important industry in the modern economy, insurance has been accurately described in the documents, and the space for the development of the industry has been greatly broadened. The Opinions also put forward specific requirements for the insurance industry: by 2020, we will basically build a modern insurance service industry with comprehensive security, complete functions, safety, stability, good faith, strong service ability, innovation ability and international competitiveness, which meets the needs of China's economic and social development, and strive to transform from a large insurance country to a strong insurance country. Insurance has become the basic means of risk management and wealth management for the government, enterprises and residents, an important channel to improve the level and quality of security, and an effective tool for the government to improve public services and strengthen social management

as far as insurance companies are concerned, their strategy to adapt to market competition is to continuously improve the ability of all staff of today's conference factories and pre-sales and after-sales to participate in their own product innovation. Insurance companies have many branches and are scattered all over the country. The usual work exchanges are mainly dominated. The number of business meetings each year is too many and the timeliness is not enough. On the other hand, all branches and subordinate outlets have installed broadband. The video conference system can be integrated with the streaming media broadcasting system, visual customer service and other systems to transmit rich multimedia information to the business departments within the whole system through the network. It can not only share real-time information, centralize consulting service resources, but also enhance the communication effect through interaction. At the same time, it enables insurance companies to shorten unnecessary travel time and save a large amount of expenses, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing operating costs

therefore, the demand for the construction of video conference system in China's insurance industry mainly focuses on the following two aspects:

the first is stable, reliable, simple and easy to use. Support multiple terminals such as conference room, PC, pad, video phone and Mandarin machine to attend the conference at the same time. You can use multiple terminals to quickly join the conference in conference room, office, travel, hotel travel or at home; Support multiple one click entry modes of HD terminal to quickly join the club, and simplify the steps of joining the club; Unified WYSIWYG conference management, simple and easy to use; Integrating voice, data and video in the same interface, it is easy to operate and experience smoothly

the second is integration and interworking. The video conference system department is only used for traditional scenarios such as administrative meetings and training. It should be able to integrate with the unified communication system and business systems (such as remote loss determination and other services), so that the video conference system can provide power for the business expansion of the insurance industry

it can be seen that the most important trend in the construction of video conferencing in China's insurance industry is to integrate collaboration and reduce operating costs, which is also in line with the overall development of video conferencing

3. Introduction to China's insurance industry convergence conference solution

Huawei convergence conference solution enables common, PC, tablet, ipphone (IP), and smart conference room terminals to access conferences at the same time through the integration of HD professional video services and uc/ipt services. This solution not only retains the experience of many different types of conferences, but also enables multiple terminals to participate in conferences at the same time. If the company needs to hold a very important formal meeting, it can use the Zhizhen conference room terminal to participate in the meeting, and the company's employees can access it through PC; If the company usually holds some daily meetings or training, it is enough to make an appointment for an ordinary UC desktop meeting, which does not occupy the scarce smart conference room resources. When some employees are on business trips, they can also access through PC or mobile terminal to ensure that they do not miss any important meetings. Finally, it will realize the integration of media, desktop, mobile and smart conference, as well as the integration of research and development terminals of all pairs of experimental machines

Media Convergence: realize unified deployment of audio, video and data, share capabilities, and meet the needs of consistent experience in different conference scenarios

integration of desktop, mobile and smart meetings: employees can conveniently and efficiently communicate and collaborate in HD, SD and other meetings at any time and anywhere (office, home, mobile); Realize the communication and cooperation between the company's employees and external personnel, industry experts and customers

integration of the whole series of terminals: the UI and user operation habits of different terminals are unified, the brand image of different terminals is consistent, and the UCD style and ID design elements are unified; Different types of terminals join the club together and get the best experience according to their capabilities

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