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Analysis on the current market situation of China's renewable resources industry in 2020 "interconnection + renewable resources model" is still in its infancy

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with the development of industrial upgrading and urbanization, traditional recycling methods and recycling models are becoming more and more difficult to survive. Interconnected big data enterprises have built urban waste platforms and innovated renewable resources models, It is conducive to realizing the transformation and upgrading of the industry and promoting the in-depth development of the industry towards green, information and industrialization. The renewable resources industry is inherently interconnected, with small scale, low value, wide distribution and scattered recycling, which is consistent with the flat interconnection. At present, many renewable resources enterprises have introduced the concepts of interconnection and big data, carried out many explorations and made some breakthroughs. However, from the perspective of the whole industry, "interconnection + renewable resources" is still in its infancy

policies promote the development of "Internet + renewable resources"

in recent years, the state, especially the uneven distribution, has successively implemented a series of policies to encourage residents and enterprises to recycle resources. For example, in may2016, the Ministry of Commerce and other six departments issued the opinions on promoting the transformation and upgrading of renewable resource recovery industry, which pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the transformation of development mode and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry as the main line, comply with the "Internet +" development trend, focus on promoting the innovation of renewable resource recovery mode, promote the transformation of business model from extensive to intensive, and promote 6. Why should we strengthen the construction of new material collaborative innovation system? The organizational form has changed from labor-intensive to labor, capital and technology intensive, and a sound recycling system for renewable resources has been established

the o2o platform for renewable resources is inseparable from the supporting supervision and management mechanism, which is an important guarantee for the platform to play its functions

the traditional transaction mode of the industry has changed

the new mode of "interconnection +" has been used to form "interconnection + renewable resources", which can change the old distributed and backward traditional industry transaction mode, and is conducive to the transformation of this traditional industry, the creation of a new recycling transaction platform, the integration of online and offline resources, the development of a new e-commerce model, the construction of a new financing platform, and the formation of a new business model. This is the development trend and the only way. The renewable resources industry "interconnection 4, output results +" mainly includes four types of subjects: online, offline, merchants and third-party service providers

strengthening the construction of five systems

the implementation of "interconnection +" by traditional industrial enterprises is not only a process of widely adopting interconnection technology to improve quality and efficiency, but also a process of further optimizing and even reshaping the enterprise value chain and ecological chain based on platform data drive. At present, China focuses on five aspects to promote the construction of the "interconnection +" model of renewable resources industry

gradual development of the platform

the front end of the platform has a variety of implementation methods. It can not only set up service numbers on existing platforms such as Alipay wallet, but also develop independent application software based on Android and IOS systems (app for short). Considering the independent intellectual property rights, the later function expansion and the diversity of demands, a three-dimensional and diversified platform system, mainly composed of independent apps, supplemented by web stations, WAP stations and official account, is the recommended platform implementation method. The main platforms of "Internet +" in China's renewable resources industry include re life, easy regeneration, Lvbao recycling transaction, China Re transaction, Zhongyuan renewable resources international trading center, xunliang, etc

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