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The purpose of home refitting radiator is to save space and beauty, but both must be based on the premise of ensuring the heat dissipation effect

1, determine the size and installation position of the radiator

the purpose of home refitting the radiator is to save space and beauty, but both must be based on ensuring the heat dissipation effect. Before replacing the radiator, the designer must be consulted to meet the requirements of proper installation and ensuring the thermal radiation range. Generally speaking, the installation position of the radiator should not affect the furniture decoration, because the leather sofa or wooden furniture is not suitable for long-term heating. In addition, placing furniture in front of the radiator will also affect the heat dissipation effect. If the wall where the radiator is to be installed is relatively narrow, the width of the radiator, the size and width requirements of connectors, pipes, pipe fittings and other accessories should also be calculated. If the living room is connected with the balcony, try not to put the radiator on the balcony, so as not to affect the temperature in the hall

reasonably select the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator

how many groups of radiators are installed is calculated according to the area of the room. When selecting a new radiator, you must first understand the heat dissipation capacity of each group, and select the size and number of groups of new radiators according to the heat dissipation data of the original radiator. Pay attention to the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator to match the original design, and do not choose blindly

the direct harm of improper selection of radiators will be clearly reflected in the heating period, either supercooling or overheating (which also has an adverse impact on the load of collective boilers), which will affect the comfortable life. If consumers are not sure, it is best to ask experts to help calculate the heat dissipation of the radiator, so as to avoid future problems

coordination and unification of colors

there are many styles and colors of radiators on the market, such as Nanshan series radiators, which have hundreds of colors to choose from. When choosing, consumers must match the overall decoration effect of the room. If the choice is not good, it will destroy the harmony of the layout of the whole room. It is best to listen to the designer's opinion

selection of installation methods

the radiator is divided into three installation methods: the same side in, the same side out, the different side in, the different side out, and the lower in and the lower out. No matter which method can be used, the number of pipe fittings should be reduced as much as possible. The more pipe fittings, the more the cost will increase, and the hidden dangers will also increase

selection of radiator for independent heating system

households with independent heating will have a wall mounted furnace with aluminum-plastic composite pipe or PP-R pipe as the heating pipeline in the kitchen or back balcony, so as to support the heating demand

independent heating should first pay attention to whether there is a water separator in the kitchen. If there is no water separator, each room must be installed with a throttle valve to reasonably control and adjust the temperature of each room. Generally speaking, there is no need to add a section door in the kitchen, which can also ensure that all kinds of cold water pipes will not freeze and crack. In addition, due to the best heat dissipation effect of aluminum radiator, it is best to choose aluminum radiator products such as Nanshan aluminum radiator certified by national testing institutions for independent heating systems, which can greatly save gas. For the installation of household radiators with independent heating, try to choose the method of bottom in and bottom out. The exposed pipes in this installation method are very short and beautiful





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