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Now people are lazy, and many things will be done in bed. When the weather is cold in winter, many people will choose to use the computer in bed, so this time we need to use the computer table in bed. The computer table in bed allows us to use the computer in bed by ourselves, which is still very convenient. So how much do you know about the computer desk in bed? Now let's take a look at the relevant knowledge of the computer desk in bed

size standard of computer table in bed

all computer tables in bed use laptops, and the computer table to choose is different in different sizes of laptops. Laptop size is generally 12 inches -16 inches. In terms of size, if the laptop is 14 inches or less, you will definitely choose a 50*30*25cm bed computer table. For laptop computers over 14 inches, the size of the electric table should be 55*35*30cm. According to this size, the use of the computer table on the bed is to make it more convenient for us to use the computer in the bed, so it is also very important to choose the size

how to choose a computer desk in bed

nowadays, people like a comfortable life, so they use computers in bed, and because of this, the computer desk in bed has become a popular trend. You can use the computer with a quilt on your bed, especially in cold winter. It's still a very happy thing. Let's see how to choose the computer table on your bed

1. Material

our common bed computer table materials include solid wood, bamboo, aluminum magnesium alloy, ABS plastic, etc. Among them, bamboo and aluminum magnesium alloy are the two options that many people will choose. They have better ventilation and heat dissipation performance. Let's take a look at the advantages of wood, which is a little weight and won't shake

2. Height

there is not much space on the bed, and the height of the computer table on the bed also needs to be selected from the height of the person. Now there are many lifting designs in the market, which can better bring a good experience to consumers. So everyone can choose the computer table on the bed that can be lifted and lowered

3. Heat dissipation

heat dissipation is very important in the use of notebook computers, so when choosing a bed computer table, you need to choose a better heat dissipation material. Now a heat dissipation device is also added to the bed computer table, which will better improve the heat dissipation of notebook computers

the above is to introduce the size standard of the computer table in bed and how to choose it. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the coordination of home, so that it will be more comfortable to use. The folding design of the computer desk can better store and save space. I hope the above introduction can help you





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