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Nowadays, the industrialization of fine decoration has made great progress in China, and the further industrialization of fine decoration is imminent. And as consumer demand continues to change, hardbound houses are favored by more and more people. However, with the gradual popularization of hardbound houses, problems of hardbound quality and construction emerge one after another. How should the sanitary industry better meet the arrival of the hardcover era

home decoration companies have both impacts and business opportunities.

hardbound housing is a trend of future real estate development. A large number of hardbound housing have poured into the market. It can be seen that many developers and buyers are more recognized by hardbound housing. Fine decoration is only a product in the development process of the whole housing industry, and it will eventually develop to full decoration. This general trend is bound to come. In the face of the overwhelming real estate hardbound housing project, the sanitary industry, as a downstream industry, will face the dilemma of being taken away

people in the home decoration industry said that few hardbound buildings will find home decoration companies to decorate, but home decoration companies are more professional in home decoration after all, and the higher requirements of owners for hardbound houses have also brought business opportunities for home decoration companies

for villas or large apartment types with high personalized requirements and large quantities, the acceptance of hardbound houses is not so high. In addition, some smaller home decoration companies can only continuously expand the previously neglected market without eating the cake of hardbound housing

refined decoration "industrial chain" is the trend

the refined decoration trend has made the whole industrial chain have a clear understanding of industrialization. More and more building materials and parts production enterprises clearly see that it is the trend of the whole industry to take advantage of the favorable opportunity of the country to promote housing industrialization to closely connect their production, sales and real estate, and jointly promote the industrialization of refined decoration and housing, It will also become the direction of the bathroom industry. At present, this single model fine decoration is the most important link in the housing industrialization chain. Because it is related to customer experience, cost control and process quality, fine decoration must be standardized, but it must also be diversified. This is an industrial strategy to cooperate with the transformation of the entire housing market

from the perspective of development, hardbound houses may be the development trend, but the unified decoration of real estate enterprises cannot meet the changing needs of owners. Therefore, the current difficulties of home decoration companies must be temporary, and the solution is to change the previous extensive business model to fine management




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