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Korean home furnishings are mostly equipped with traditional Korean wood carvings. Their woodworking and lacquer crafts are leading in the industry. Coupled with exquisite carving and decoration techniques, combined with Korean life and aesthetic habits, Korean home furnishings are small, exquisite, fashionable and practical, which are very suitable for petite people in China and Asia. Next, I will introduce Korean home furnishing brand recommendations

Korean home furnishing brand

1. Smank

smank furniture is full of the artistic flavor of Korean and Japanese style. The furniture has Korean traditional wood carving design, which is simple, elegant, clean, calm, and outlines the connotative taste with simple and fashionable home design

2. International residence

the company has a modern large-scale production plant of 150000 square meters, imported or domestic first-class furniture production equipment, and international standardized production technology. The company has introduced a full set of Valspar wood coating production process, which is both inside and outside, and the process is exquisite. All domestic and foreign high-quality furniture fabrics are used. The fabric design is soft and elegant, with good stain resistance, strong water resistance, easy maintenance, no fading, strong and durable, environmental protection and health

3. Hanfil

hanfil furniture is close to nature and expresses its pastoral style with bold ivory. Hanfil furniture is different from the traditional luxurious formal atmosphere. The exquisitely carved patterns and beautiful lines successfully coordinate simplicity and elegance, breaking away from simple simplicity. Hanfil furniture integrates a variety of cultural elements and adds a new understanding of the simple style

4. Tong'an Pavilion

Tong'an Pavilion is designed by top designers in South Korea, which caters to people's yearning for nature. It takes solid wood as the main material, makes full use of the natural characteristics of solid wood, and combines the design style of furniture to show the characteristics of South Korean home vividly

5. Windsor romance

Windsor romance furniture integrates the unique fashion of Korean culture, combines the Western neoclassical style and the Oriental postmodern charm, and deduces the unique romance of Korean culture. Windsor love furniture is made of birch, with pure Ivory as the main color, and elegant solid wood carvings, which deduces the nature and innocence of life, and reveals luxury and elegance in tranquility

characteristics of Korean home style

1. Space

Korean home style pays attention to the sense of hierarchy of space. According to the number of residential users and the degree of privacy, the use of screens or wooden partitions as separation dimensions is the mainstream way to create Korean home style space

2. Modeling

Korean home space decoration mostly adopts simple and strong straight lines. The practicality of straight line decoration in space not only reflects the living requirements of modern people in pursuit of simple life, but also caters to the design style of Korean home in pursuit of introversion and simplicity

3. Color

Korean style furniture is also very particular about color, mainly dark furniture, and the wall color is mostly beige and light yellow, so as to create a comfortable and warm home

4. Materials

in the process of building Korean home, the materials used are also different from the Chinese home style. The main materials are space silk yarn, fabric, wallpaper, glass, antique bricks, marble, etc. of course, if you really don't understand the details, you can communicate with the designer to solve them

5. Furniture

furniture in Korean furniture is mostly classical furniture or a combination of modern furniture and classical furniture

6. Jewelry

creative home furnishings are inseparable from the decoration of jewelry. Korean home furnishings are mainly pottery, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, and Korean ancient articles with certain meanings

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