Decoration 4. Don't be extravagant and harmful

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For a comfortable living environment, more and more families begin to pay attention to the decoration of houses. However, due to some people's lack of knowledge of house decoration, decoration has gone astray, leaving many hidden dangers

myth 1: choose decorative materials only “ Advanced ”, Regardless of fire prevention. Many decorative materials on the market, especially high-grade decorative materials, are inflammable, toxic and poor flame retardant products. In case of fire, the decorative materials will burn rapidly, and release a large number of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, which will cause oxygen deficiency in the room and cause coma and suffocation

Myth 2: change the housing structure only “ Broaden ”, Regardless of load. In order to meet the needs of widening the hall, some residents demolish or partition some load-bearing walls in the room at will, which changes the stress structure of the original wall, breaks the transmission route of the original structural force, greatly reduces the external force resistance and structural safety factor of the room, and even breaks the wall, which is in danger of collapse at any time

myth 3: use chemical materials only for beauty, regardless of ventilation. Nowadays, there are many kinds of house decoration materials, such as plastic floor, fiber carpet, plastic foaming wallpaper, indoor paint, etc., which are almost all composed of chemical raw materials, which will constantly emit toxic gases into the air. If you don't pay attention to ventilation and opening windows in the newly decorated room, people will be easily poisoned

myth 4: change the use of the balcony, only pay attention to the closure, regardless of “ Load ”. In terms of architectural design structure, the setting and load-bearing of balcony have specific requirements and standards, and generally cannot be used for other purposes. It is very dangerous to close the balcony at will, and the hidden dangers are always there, because ordinary rooms are usually designed according to the secondary load, while the balcony is generally a pipe supported or suspended wall structure, so the stress is far less than that of the interior. The balcony after the closure has to bear extra weight. Once it exceeds the payload, it will collapse at any time




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