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The kitchen is a zone prone to moisture, so the surface decoration materials should choose materials with good water resistance, and the ground materials should also be non slip and watertight. It is best to choose materials for cabinets that are easy to clean, moisture proof and heat insulation. At the same time, the kitchen is also an open fire zone, so the fire resistance of materials is also very important, especially around the stove, we should pay more attention to the flame retardant performance of materials

2. Cabinet design

the ceiling of the kitchen often touches the forehead when in use, so before installing the ceiling, first measure the height of the hanging cabinet and the hanging height of the hanger, and design the installation height according to the actual height of the family, so as to avoid tall people using the head. At the same time, the width of the hanging cabinet should be designed to be narrower than the workbench

3. Kitchen countertops

kitchen countertops or cabinet corners are sometimes designed to be sharp for good-looking modeling. Although the shape is good-looking, it is easy to be bruised or bruised in the actual operation process, so it is best to decorate the rounded corners to reduce the possibility of bruises

4. The stove

the stove should be designed in the center of the kitchen table, and a working table should be reserved next to the stove, so that the soup pot can be taken and placed safely and timely to avoid scalding

5. Kitchen door

the design of kitchen door is actually very particular. Traditional kitchen doors are internal doors. Such a design is easy to bump into the door outside because of sudden opening, so now it is generally designed as an external door or a sliding door, which is safer

6. Range hood

the setting of range hood must be based on the user's height. The best use height is a little higher than the head, which can not only avoid meeting the head when using, but also be convenient to use. Generally speaking, the distance between the range hood and the stove should not exceed 60, otherwise the best effect will not be achieved

7. Circuit design

with the increase of the frequency of use in the kitchen, there will be more and more electrical appliances, so the circuit safety of the kitchen is also very important. When decorating in the early stage, we must pay attention to the problem of reserved sockets

8. Refrigerator

when entering the kitchen, the refrigerator must not be too close to the stove, because the stove often generates heat from the pollution source, which will affect the temperature of the refrigerator. At the same time, the refrigerator should not be too close to the sink to avoid spilled water causing electric leakage of the refrigerator

9. Ventilation setting

ventilation facilities must be done well in kitchen decoration, especially for some relatively closed rooms. After use, the kitchen must pay attention to opening windows for ventilation, so that the remaining gas in the kitchen can circulate through ventilation to ensure its safety

10. Gas stove

pay attention to setting the valve in front of the stove during decoration, and close the valve in front of the stove in time after using gas. Check the safety and gas leakage frequently. If the gas stops suddenly, turn off the gas appliance switch and the valve in front of the stove in time





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